letting go of yesterday

woke up this morning
in yesterday’s undone

as if under a pile of stones
at the bottom of the ocean

dragging my head
out of bed
caught up in a web
of thinking about
broken promises
and all the
“should haves”
that I didn’t

and today looks like
another repeat of that show
with the same commercial breaks

“and now a word from our sponsor –
are you tired, listless, rundown?
need something to pick you up?”


what’s needed is to let go
be ok with right now
do what can be done
leave yesterday in yesterday
and make today anew

(D James)


live it

what to do
when I realize
my life
is one day
than yesterday

and tomorrow
is shorter still

best be grateful
for all the tomorrows
I can

while living
like there isn’t
another one coming

(D. James)