before it’s too late

let’s run away
she’d say

a place
where they
can’t find us

let’s run away
someplace warm
where the sun
always shines

that spot
where time
stands still

let’s run away
before we’re too old

let’s run away
before this life
kills us

let’s run away
let’s run away
let’s run away

at least until
the morning comes

(D. James)

Rain New York City

The rain falls
like anger

fierce thunder

the air
thick and wet

Black streets
reflect lamplight

hard sound
of water falling
from a long way up

Tortured soul
of weather
with the city

as if the sky
hurt and afraid
needs to be heard

wants its wrath
to be known
exerting some
momentary sense of control

only to lose
against the granite
and steel
blacktop and brick

The hard city
that falters in flood

but never ever
gives in
never loses
the war

(D. James)

heavy wind, but no rain

a violent wind
blows the city
to dust

Trees bend
people squint
as if in bright

A haze
envelops the streets
women wrestle their skirts
hair tossed
every which way

A violent wind
shreds the city

Palm fronds litter
Sunset Boulevard
the homeless huddle
like refugees
in the entryway
of a long abandoned

The weather
is the one thing
this town cannot control

(D. James)