until the dawn

it is the nights
that are most difficult


for the morning
that brings your voice

it is the nights
that are long


hoping for a world
where 1+1=1

it is the nights
it is the nights
it is the nights

when darkness
grips my heart

renders me incapable

until the dawn
returns you to me

d. james

I don’t even know your name

how many hotel rooms
must you walk through
on lonely nights

with unknown
painted faces

before you see yourself
for who you are
realize what you’re doing
won’t solve a thing

how many lies
can you tell
before even you
stop believing

how hard
do you want
to make this life
before you let go
and begin to live

how many
sleepless hours
how many
unanswered phone calls
how many
broken promises

how many
how many
how many

before you close your eyes
and finally call it a night?

(D. James)