it is not a straight line

I went
as far as the road
would take me

then continued on

I followed
the wind
as far as it did blow

then went beyond

I walked
to the peak
of the mountain

then reached up and touched the sky

I dropped
to the bottom
of the ocean

then dug down to the center of the earth

seen the sights
rode the rides
had loves
and losses

watched the line between
the beginnings and endings
then bend

into a circle

and I can either
go round with it

or waste time
fighting against the flow

(D James)

we ride when the sun sets

And I will
rip up the night

raise hell
for the hell of it

ride until the
road rolls up
behind me

until my tires
burn off the rims

and the sun
comes up to
stop me

in my tracks

(D. James)