Christmas for Atheists

what can we

on this day

that can truly
be called a gift

not something

or even made

but something
of ourselves

to look someone
in the eye
and let them

they are loved
and appreciated

to leave
as if you know
exactly who they are

not who you
think they are
or need them
to be

but truly
who they are

(D. James)

defenses down

come to me now
in the dead
of night

so that I might
hold you tight

come to me now
let me whisper
in your ear

and feel you near
knowing no fear

come to me now
so I can touch
your skin

let me drink
you in like raw gin

make me believe
in a god
and heaven
and all the angels
who sing

crush me
with your look
silence me
in a kiss

hold me
until the sun rises
and tomorrow comes
like sweet pain

(D. James)