life in the city of cities

the subway rises
from the mouth
of darkness

pulling cars across
metal track

to the top
of the mountain

the skyline
like a picture
at sunset

a symphony
at full tilt

a mass of steel
and glass
of lighted squares
and twinkling
red lights

reminds you
that this city
in its ebb and flow
was here before you arrived

and will remain long
after you are gone

(D James)

loss of balance

it could break,
a mind,
from the pressure

all those thoughts
of what I should
be doing
what I did

asking why

the grace and ease
so longed for
seeming far off

for change
and then
don’t want
the kind that arrives

it is not an answer
I seek
but a way to live

to think thoughts
and take action
generate some

take some
for my life

because if I don’t
who the hell will

(D. James)


out the kitchen window
the late afternoon light
plays like a sax solo
against the building
across the way

cloud wisps
catch pink
as the sun hits
the horizon

the azure sky
goes darker
by degrees

evening comes
stealth and still
like a beautiful lover
passionate, intense

another night
lies ahead
awaiting the dawn

(D. James)

talk about the weather

The sunlight blinds
but you look anyway

off the tabletops

creating an illusion
the gentlest
of winter afternoons

the violent dying light
pierces your eye
as a reminder
of summer

yet no matter
how hard you stare
you cannot make
the season change
nor the sun
shine less

(D. James)