How To Explain Nothing And Everything All At Once

it’s become apparent
that my beliefs
belong to others

every thought
each action
by a past experience
something I’ve read
or seen

there is nothing original
in being a non-conformist
for even that now
is simply conforming to non-conformity

this too does not originate
from me but from another

so perhaps it is not
in ideas
or language

that we are unique

it must be
in that other place
beyond words
beyond the edge of our skin
out in the far reaches
where what’s in the skull
is quiet for a moment

where we connect
with all that is
all that ever was
or ever will be

with the all of all

(D James)

wordless languages for all the tomorrows

what can be said
that hasn’t been heard

what can be written
that we haven’t
already read

how can we move forward
with the same worn out words

where is the language
to speak what we cannot hearĀ 
write what hasn’t been read
and bring us through this day
and all the ones that follow

(D James)

did you say something?

you want
to say

but like a dog
with limited language
all you do is bark

of all the words
of all the sounds
of all the languages
in the world

you bark

because you realize
if every word
of every language
were known to you

they would all amount
to the nothing more
than barking

so go on
you dogs
make your statement
sing your song

bark your fucking
ass off

it’s all the same
in the end

(D. James)