it is not a straight line

I went
as far as the road
would take me

then continued on

I followed
the wind
as far as it did blow

then went beyond

I walked
to the peak
of the mountain

then reached up and touched the sky

I dropped
to the bottom
of the ocean

then dug down to the center of the earth

seen the sights
rode the rides
had loves
and losses

watched the line between
the beginnings and endings
then bend

into a circle

and I can either
go round with it

or waste time
fighting against the flow

(D James)

you deal with it or it will deal with you

you know
what I mean

when we talk
about the pain

how it keeps
you up
at night

and all the talk
doesn’t help

there is no cure
for being human

we either
feel it
or resist

it’s all the same
in the end

(D. James)


there are
all these words
and feelings
and messy things

spilled out
on the floor
like blood

seems there’s
no place
to put them all

can’t swallow them

try stuffing them
back into your gut

but they
no longer fit

feels like
you’ll die without

seems like
you’ll die with

where will you …
how will you …
what will you …
why would you …

go on?

(D. James)

storm clouds passing

what do you

when it doesn’t
go your way

you fight
to make
a pointless

then you
feel bad
the things
you said

you let it go
you let it
destroy you

the choice
is yours

(D. James)

Rain New York City

The rain falls
like anger

fierce thunder

the air
thick and wet

Black streets
reflect lamplight

hard sound
of water falling
from a long way up

Tortured soul
of weather
with the city

as if the sky
hurt and afraid
needs to be heard

wants its wrath
to be known
exerting some
momentary sense of control

only to lose
against the granite
and steel
blacktop and brick

The hard city
that falters in flood

but never ever
gives in
never loses
the war

(D. James)

this is why I’m alone

spent the night
on the surface
of sleep

worrying about
my own
self interest

come the morning
hungry, ornery
horny, and angry

there was
nothing to do
but fight

maybe I’m not
cut out
for this
relationship thing

(D. James)

dark mood of night

Some nights
are darker
than others
not in moonlight
but in mood

The narrow stares
of strangers
too many loud
angry sounds

The usual
evening birds
are absent

My blood
goes up
as I wait
for a fight
that never comes

A lone cricket
chirps into the darkness
breaking the tension
reminding me
that life
is good

Even if
my mood

(D. James)