to dance
like the bones
don’t ache

to run
with the speed
of a panther

to laugh
with the abandon
of a child

to work
and play
and love
as if
I cannot fail

to sleep
like the dead
and dream
as the mystics do

this is how I wish
to spend
the days and nights
before returning to dust

(D. James)

heavy wind, but no rain

a violent wind
blows the city
to dust

Trees bend
people squint
as if in bright

A haze
envelops the streets
women wrestle their skirts
hair tossed
every which way

A violent wind
shreds the city

Palm fronds litter
Sunset Boulevard
the homeless huddle
like refugees
in the entryway
of a long abandoned

The weather
is the one thing
this town cannot control

(D. James)