life in the city of cities

the subway rises
from the mouth
of darkness

pulling cars across
metal track

to the top
of the mountain

the skyline
like a picture
at sunset

a symphony
at full tilt

a mass of steel
and glass
of lighted squares
and twinkling
red lights

reminds you
that this city
in its ebb and flow
was here before you arrived

and will remain long
after you are gone

(D James)

the way it was

tattooed girls
drunken boys
and cigarette smoke

warm nights
with pimps
and hookers
working the streets

this was
the way it was
before cell phones
atm’s and the internet

when you got
on the subway
with a token
and a phone call
cost a dime

nothing wrong
with how it is now
it’s just nice to think back
now and again
to a simpler time

(D. James)

heavy wind, but no rain

a violent wind
blows the city
to dust

Trees bend
people squint
as if in bright

A haze
envelops the streets
women wrestle their skirts
hair tossed
every which way

A violent wind
shreds the city

Palm fronds litter
Sunset Boulevard
the homeless huddle
like refugees
in the entryway
of a long abandoned

The weather
is the one thing
this town cannot control

(D. James)