silly tired

not enough
sleep tired

too many
cigarettes tired

tired all the
time tired

two in the morning
poetry tired

brain tired
road tired
time for bed tired


wishing I didn’t
have to get up
and go to
work tired

nodding off
with my fingers
on the
keyboard tired


(D. James)

left behind

I remember
the past
as if it were
some one else’s

as if I
were some one
other than me

those days
and days
of years
the many nights
the horrible “mornings”
of the afternoon

washed clean away
by different thoughts
other actions

I remember a time
when I was
some one else
when I told
a different story

I remember as if
read in a novel
or seen in a film

I remember
so as not to forget
so as not to become
what I’ve been
what was left behind

(D. James)


to dance
like the bones
don’t ache

to run
with the speed
of a panther

to laugh
with the abandon
of a child

to work
and play
and love
as if
I cannot fail

to sleep
like the dead
and dream
as the mystics do

this is how I wish
to spend
the days and nights
before returning to dust

(D. James)

train of thought

thinking thoughts on
trains in tunnels
that take us to
toiling tasks like tinker toys
trudging to their terminus

can we keep
clear of calamity and
concious of creation or

will we wile awhile then
whip ourselves or

take the time
to think thoughts on

while wishing
we weren’t wending our
way to work

(D. James)

confused? me too

up all night
for something
that doesn’t exist

I don’t want
to see in me

by looking
other than here

trying to get
out of my head
when I should
be in bed

another late

another wasted

couldn’t I get
the same result
in another way

or another result
in the same way

it’s all the same
in the end

(D. James)