“Disposable Poetry” is brought to you by The Lucky 13 Writers Club , which is really just 2 crazed writers, one a Frenchman living in Denmark (El Sebbo), the other an American living in New York (D. James).

Conceived in Feb 2007 as a transcontinental experiment, they put this blog together to share their work in the hope that someone, other than themselves, might read it. Today there are more than 450 poems and growing. Late in 2008 the structure changed a bit as El Sebbo took a break to work on other projects, but still posts occasionally. New poems are now being posted every other day and if you haven’t done so already, please browse our extensive archives (by clicking on the word ‘archives’ at the top of any page), check out our tag and category clouds or pop a word or phrase in the search bar and see what you find.

If you get something out of any of it, great, if not, then turn the page.

If you feel strongly about something we write, or just want to, leave a comment. Actually, we love feedback, so comment at will.  Bookmark us and come back, we’ll be here with something new.

For our readers who like reading in their readers, the blog is available via RSS, at “https://disposablepoetry.com/feed/” or click the “RSS” button at the top of the page.

Also, if you’re looking for more from D James Eldon – check out his debut novel All The Way Gone on your Kindle for just 99¢

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