JFK – 7 am

unfinished sentences
all these things
left unsaid

a hundred words
stale phrases
none of them

talk all damn day
and I’d still
never get
to what it is
that pulls at me
makes me want to stay

should have tried
should have missed that flight
should be there with you now
should stop trying to make sense
of any of this

because all I want
is to be
where I’m not

all I want
is to be
I am

(D. James)

old flame same heat

a cold wind
comes through
like longing

how many years
before we’ll be together
my love

will death
take me
before I see
your eyes
once more

feel your skin
breathe you in

is there no
relief from this

is this to be
yet another
unfinished story

all those miles
all those years
all these trials
all these tears

don’t we deserve
a break in this life
or do we have to wait
until the next one

(D. James)

you could call it that … yeah

can’t eat
can’t sleep
can’t stop thinking
of you

waiting for a call

to let me know
you’re thinking
of me
when I’m thinking
of you

it’s no good
being like this

but doing it

’cause there are
no answers
only questions

so why not ask
the same one
over and over

(D. James)

this doesn’t happen

to live
for a great love

something imagined
but never attained

a moment
in time

an improbable
second chance

do you defy
the odds?

or is it all
rash insanity
fools folly

to self-destruct

in the end
do we care?

not if we are driven
by our desire
this is our

perhaps then
we make it so
or burn in the fire
set so long ago
suddenly too close

(D. James)

unrequited love on a virtual platform

I look for you
or the virtual
of you

the pull
so strong
the emotional
distance bridged
through half-sentences
in a tiny window

we abbreviate
and emoticon
our way through
complex emotions
rooted in a past
long before
any of this technology

years go by
and then suddenly
you are there again

always reconnecting
at the wrong time

perhaps we had
our chance
back then

and it won’t
come around again

it were any other way
won’t make it so

but I still try

(D. James)

somebody to love

who gets the feeling

of all those words
in all those songs
like I do

someone fearless

who knows
the difference
pain and suffering

creating or courting

but knowing
what it means
to feel deeply

to ache

to revel
in the glory
of being known
by another
like no other

to miss
the one you love

(D. James)

this is this

this is bad
this desire
this wanting

this is not me
this is not you
this isn’t even who we think
this is

this is some evil
this twist
this pain

this feeling
this ache for you

this is just a dream
this nightmare
this remembrance of you
this haunting

this stillness of still wanting
this with you

this ending that never ends because I don’t want
this to ever end never wanted
this to end always wondered why
this did end
this always ending

(D. James)

love at dawn

to hold someone
at the end of a long day

not just a body
but someone to love

curled up in my arms
breathing quietly
the smell of hair
and warm skin
mixed with clean sheets

someone to wake up to
come the morning light

who calls me baby
in a way that means
the world to them

can’t a man want
these things
and not think
he has to hide
his feelings away

I’m just asking

(D. James)

jump in … the water’s warm

for what I want
in places I will not find it

look again
it’ll be there
this time
it’ll be there

check now
what about now
not yet
what about now

keep looking
in the same dead place
waiting for my life to begin
when all this time
it’s been right in front of me
waiting for me to see

(D. James)