right before

the moment
just before
the moment

almost as good
as the moment

you can
hear it

to the point
right before

all hell
breaks loose

(D. James)


night falls

evening comes
in darker
and darker
hues of blue

end of day
pink clouds
bloom red

then fade
into darkness
as night falls
upon LA

black cloth
with pinholes
of light

the city,
a brighter
of above

(D. James)

you deal with it or it will deal with you

you know
what I mean

when we talk
about the pain

how it keeps
you up
at night

and all the talk
doesn’t help

there is no cure
for being human

we either
feel it
or resist

it’s all the same
in the end

(D. James)

searching for dreams (don’t do no good in the real world)

in bed
curled around
her sleeping self

I think
this is what
I’ve always

to whisper
in an ear

that she’s
my one
and only one

but I don’t
that’s not me
that’s not her

it’s just an idea
in my head
from a song
Taupin wrote
about one of his

and what
does that
tell you

(D. James)


there are
all these words
and feelings
and messy things

spilled out
on the floor
like blood

seems there’s
no place
to put them all

can’t swallow them

try stuffing them
back into your gut

but they
no longer fit

feels like
you’ll die without

seems like
you’ll die with

where will you …
how will you …
what will you …
why would you …

go on?

(D. James)