somewhere between cynicism and optimism

If the rain falls up
from the street
does it mean
the world is
upside down?

If things work out
in my favor today
does it mean
tomorrow they won’t?

Is it really
how I look at it
or simply how it is?

would I even know
the difference?

(D. James)

LA in the rain

dirty white t-shirt
watching out
the monday morning

the rain reigns
comes down
as if trying
to snuff out
the fires of hell

damp chill
chapped digits

waiting for something
like the sun to appear
let us know
the world
will be alright

(D. James)

what if you weren’t there

billy blew
his brains out
and no one noticed

billy blew
his brains out
and no one cared

billy blew
his brains out
and you ask

who the hell
is billy anyway?

well, what if
were you

(D. James)

the way it was

tattooed girls
drunken boys
and cigarette smoke

warm nights
with pimps
and hookers
working the streets

this was
the way it was
before cell phones
atm’s and the internet

when you got
on the subway
with a token
and a phone call
cost a dime

nothing wrong
with how it is now
it’s just nice to think back
now and again
to a simpler time

(D. James)

player piano

it wells up
into your heart

dies between there
and your throat

that longing
that passion
to live
to feel


black and white
clear as rain

play it again
but never tell
what it means

never put words
to beauty so soft
and lovely

(D. James)