pick a card, any card …

The choices
we make
define our lives

Saying this
but doing that

Wanting one thing
then following another

Looking for some truth
beyond ourselves
when all the time
it’s right where
we left it

In our wallet
next to the photograph
of the one we love

(D. James)

Do we expect too much from our heroes or have they just let us down

The writer
that doesn’t write

The poet
that doesn’t poe

The savior
that doesn’t save

On a road
that goes nowhere
leads to nothing
and ends when it’s over

[queue music]

(D. James)

so I’ve been told

If I did
as I was told

twist and shout
rattle and hum

would it be annoying
or would you come

If I did
as I was told

there’d be
no poetry
at least not
from me

If I did
as I was told

I might remember
to care

that everyone
has an opinion
and some are quick
to share

If I did
as I was told

If only I ever
did as I was told

(D. James)

I don’t even know your name

how many hotel rooms
must you walk through
on lonely nights

with unknown
painted faces

before you see yourself
for who you are
realize what you’re doing
won’t solve a thing

how many lies
can you tell
before even you
stop believing

how hard
do you want
to make this life
before you let go
and begin to live

how many
sleepless hours
how many
unanswered phone calls
how many
broken promises

how many
how many
how many

before you close your eyes
and finally call it a night?

(D. James)


traded as fact
they lurk
in broad daylight

often dispelled
by opposing

nothing more
than something
someone was once
ridiculed for believing

then repeated
so much
no one asks
where it came from

we just live
like it’s the truth

(D. James)