Mercurial Emotion (or sometimes it’s better to shut the fuck up)

I’d tell you
how I feel

But I’m not
sure I should

Not because
I don’t know
or don’t have
the words

More because
I fear they’d be

Or worse
I’d have to be
as if I have to feel
the same way

And there’s no way
of knowing
what the next day
will bring

(D. James)

Overweight champions

Their feet shake the ground
and the teeth in our skulls
Their gigantic arms
send dried leaves
whirling around us
Their laughter
booms enigmatic
like deep thunder
Who are they?
Who were they?
Nobody knows
and nobody
really cares
because the first
buds are blooming
and birds are a-singing
and the overweight champions
just become mountains
on the horizon line
very blue
very far away


in the weeds

The waitresses
upbeat chatter
doesn’t match
her sad face

Tea is steeping
milk and sugar
patiently waiting

And I am lost
among the
knives and forks
plates of half-eaten meals

Thoughts adrift
in shafts of sunlight
spilled across the counter

Pay the check
leave a tip
and walk out
the same door
I walked in

Keep things simple
until my mind

Bringing with it
what was lost
and found

(D. James)

looking past bottom

Can you feel it
because I can’t

For too long
I tried to suppress
all this anger
all this pain

Now all I know
is this aching

Wildly searching
for an answer
when all the while
it’s been right here

Inside my head
inside of me

It doesn’t matter
It means nothing
It solves nothing
nothing at all

(D. James)