Burn all flags

The blue of the sky
crashes through my open window
and a few birds sing
to welcome the first rays
of the sun
Everything is still
except for the millions
of radio waves
spinning around us
like in invisible killer bees
and I say
to the wall
my chair my desk
the open window
the blue sky
the birds and their songs
“Burn all flags”
as flags frame you
in what you are not
and never will be
– a model citizen
a model father
a model nation
a model nature
a model bird
a model sky
a model model
burn all flags
the white one


2 responses to “Burn all flags

  1. Dear Sir, There are certain things I’m totally OK to joke with, but da flag? Da fookin flag? Dis is serious yo. Flags are the tools da help us free ourselves from. . . from. . . well, free ourselves from well, other flags. Alright then, may you right. djn

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