The fool – a pre-rafaelite poem of sorts

Let me walk blindly
let me walk as I please
ignoring dangers and possibilities
let me walk like a poet
following words like butterflies
and never catching any
in my broken net
(because words are only caught by fools
who do not know they are fools)
Let me walk
pursued by dogs
and loving women
let me walk until I die
and let me walk
after my death
wherever I fancy
as what I wish
is to keep on wishing




listen to the quiet night
as the crickets tell their stories

listen as the world spins

Listen baby, listen
while the sun rises
to bring the morning

Listen now before
it’s gone

Listen to the sound
of my heart beating
to my steady breathing

Listen baby, listen
while there’s still
a bit of night left

Listen to everything
as the city sleeps
’cause tomorrow
might be too late

So listen baby, listen
as I sing the night goodbye

And listen as the early light
stretches across the sky

(D. James)


The sun rose today
but I missed it
my eyes still blinded
by night and punctuated by stars
The sun rose today
and I didn’t
preferring to ignore
the glorious colors
to the monochrome black
The sun rose today
and I didn’t care
as I embraced
a lovely shadow
slightly smelling
of cinnamon


A clap of thunder

A clap of thunder
in a clear blue sky
or the strange reflection
of something not quite there
are our daily mysteries
so sit down
have a coffee
read the paper
and finally
accept yourself
as the ultimate mystery


of a dark mind

Speak softly
to yourself
as you wander
the night
of the mind

will settle itself
and bliss comes
in some form
even if only
for a moment

Another misspent night
of lost and hopeless

Light a last cigarette
like a candle
for the dead

Watch the sky
for the blue light
of a new day

Only then can you
lay down
and rest
your weary

(D. James)