monkey brain

Skipping thoughts
like stones
across my mind

None making
much sense
or connecting
with another

They just fly by
like birds
headed south
for the winter

Some more colorful
than others

(D. James)


Where you’re at

The stars indicate no direction
and the roadsigns are all
rusty and torn
and I don’t even know
if I’m anywhere on the map
crumpled in the back pocket
of your jeans


well, it goes like this …

It all started
last month
when I …

No wait
it goes back
before that
three years ago
when she …

Actually it was
when he said …
but that would have
been ten years
or more now

So it must have been
as far back as before all
that and further still
when I was just a child

Yes, of course
it all began at
the beginning
which would be
the day before
I was born

Or even before
that when my father …

(D. James)