Sky blues

looking for something in the sky
reflected in my eye in the sky
objects are larger than they appear
in the mirror of your soul
rocket to the moon
my heart slowly suffocates
like a sweet-eyed Laika
oh la-la-la
space conquest is a lonely business
that’s why all poets
are astronauts
my eye in the sky
telescope of love
and distant emotions


2 responses to “Sky blues

  1. I’m new here. and you’re my first poetry reading. truly enjoy your work. this poems sticks in the mind..and stays. I like when poetry does that. very good work here.

  2. Yo bro – at least u see da sky, at least u got eyes, so don’t u fookin complain about shit, will ya. U can watch it a little bit – u like to watch thangs on tv. satellite, satellite gone up to the skies, thangs like dat drive u out of ur mind, no wot ‘m say’n ? djn

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