What idiots and poets believe

the main difference
between men and women is sex
luck exists
words have a different meaning



up all night

Stayed up all night
to watch the sunrise

Only to find
the morning sky
covered thick
with clouds

And another day

another night
another time
another life
but the same

D. James

The amazing poet that hides in my head and only comes out when no one is around

Something about speed
and my mind

how quickly thoughts move
created and forgotten
before I can even write
them down

Moments of shear genius
(to me)
that I’m rarely ever
able to get right
on the page

So in my mind
I’m Frank O’Hara
I’m Pablo Neruda
I’m Jack fucking Kerouac

But on the page …
on the page
I’m a stumbling
who can’t even spell

But in my mind …
in my mind
I’m the goddamn
demigod of poetic fire

If only …
If only I could live the
life in my head and
not the one
on the page of the world

D. James