The posting of poems will resume in September. Please look through the archives if you haven’t read them already. Have a great summer! Thanks – Seb and DJ

12 responses to “SUMMER BREAK

  1. One of yr worst poem, dis one. Fuck, wot am i gonna do dis summer now? U bastards fuckin bitches i love you. djn

  2. A shitty poem, dis one, really. Fuckin fuck, wot am i gonna do dis summer ? is wot i’m askin yo. U bastards fuckin bitches son of a bitch motha fuckers, i love you. djn. PS : fuckers.

  3. Its a satanic drug thang, u wouln’t understand. Hey, DJ, u remember dat smell early in the evening at da Scrap Bar ? Some cleaning product. djn

  4. And by the way son if you see your mum this week-end make sure & tell her : satan satan satan. djn djn

  5. I’m gonna allow me once more chance to get along with you. I’m gonna alow me MORE MORE CHANCE. Hoooooo.

  6. Dude, One, two, three, four five,
    Hunt the hare and turn her
    Down the rocky road
    And all the ways to Dublin,

  7. daddio,
    Sleepy Alligator in the noon day sun,
    Lyin’ by the river just like he usually done.
    Call for his whiskey, he can call for his tea,
    Call all he want to, but he can’t call for me.

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