V is for their victory

Once again
they’ve won
and we’ve lost
No question there
and no question asked
No bagpipes to come to our rescue
and no way out the slaughter
They spoke well and we stuttered
They had muscles and we wore glasses
Our excuses are worthless
but our bruises are real
and the nurses are laughing at us
and throwing stones
It was a good fight though
and I don’t mind losing
that much
Oh well
I guess
that’s why
I’m an anarchist


One response to “V is for their victory

  1. Dude, when u were a young man u carried ur pack
    And u lived da free life of a rover
    From da green basin to the dusty outback
    u waltzed ur Matilda all over
    Da forgotten heroes from a forgotten war
    And da young people ask, “What are dey marching for?”
    And u ask urself da same question
    And da band plays Waltzing Matilda
    And de old men answer to the call
    But year after year their numbers get fewer
    Some day no one will march there at all dude. djn (kind of)

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