wait … wait … there’s something …

There’s something
I want to say

but just can’t
get it to come out

This urgent feeling
that needs expressing

Don’t know it’s name
or where it comes

not even sure
how to go about
getting it out

Like a mad pinball
rattling around
in my soul

Perhaps I just need
to let it roll

(D. James)

Greek gods

To Seferis, Elytis, Ritsos, Cavafy, etc…

Greek poetry
is probably
the best in the world
just like the beer
commercial says
It is blue
like a spotless sky
crushing the shoulders
and elevating the soul
like the turning
of the head
and the possibility
of a smile
It is white
like the bones
in my hand
or the proud
stones left behind
by forgotten
the best poets
in the world
but it is normal
After all
these people


What will happen tomorrow?

What will happen tomorrow
when the rain comes
and thunderbolts strike
at random?
Will I open my window
and applaud
or will I crawl
underneath my bed
praying to a God
who doesn’t believe
in me?
Will I run outside
laughing and singing
or sit in my room
shaking my head
and saying
“I told you so”?
Will I buy an umbrella
and walk alone in
the shiny streets
or will invite you in
and make a large
pot of coffee
so we can
chat about summer
and the passing
of the clouds?