I am made in your image

For Seb

A stranger enters
the town square
and says

I am the second coming
I am the last prophet
I am the one and only

But the people ignore him
so he stands there silently
for 40 days and 40 nights

On the last day
he says unto them

I am the one
I am the son and moon
I have but one message

And still the people ignore him

Finally, as he begins to walk away
a man of the town asks,
“Where are you going?”

To which he replies
Do not follow me

And this is how the people know
he is the one true messiah,
the final prophet

They bow before him
but he says unto them

Bow to no one
Follow no one
Believe in yourselves
This is the only truth

To which the people reply
by building colossal monuments
and writing many books
about his teachings and sayings

For eons they preach
and pray for his eventual return

They pray and wait
and wait and pray

But he is a man
of his word and
will not return,
for they have
not learned the

(D. James)

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