Night has

To Zamiatin and a few other courageous souls

Night has fallen upon us
impeccably blue
with a few artificial stars
bringing promises
of warmer winds
and colder days
A night
everybody should love
and why not?
It seems so perfect
Yes night has fallen upon us
but we still have a lighter
and a couple of cigarettes
to keep us warm while
we are waiting for
our frailties to be
publicly mocked
and justly punished
under the hard blue sky


2 responses to “Night has

  1. Hope you don’t mind a comment from a stranger. I love the pace of this poem–it adds to its ominous (but resigned) feel. The moment with the cigarette seems especially effective. Don’t dispose of this one.

  2. Yeah, me ain’t to crazy about tobacco either. But I do like my stars artificial, bro. I certainly do. djn

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