When we smoked

When we smoked
life was much easier
We had beautiful cars
with supersonic fins
and lipstick red tail-lights
We had flat-roofed houses
with swimming pools
of impeccable blue
and custom-designed wives
that hummed jazz tunes
as they fixed our ties
We drank bright colored cocktails
and wore steam-pressed clothes
watching with a distant eye
the ghettos burn in Panavision
Yes life was easier then

We were already dead
but we didn’t care



A trick of
the mind


Not what’s actually

but what you believe
to be so

Yet it makes
up who you are
or at least
who you think
yourself to be

What has passed,
that which is no more

But lives
in your bones,
shapes your face

and makes you
feel whole

For who would
you be without

The elusive

The only record
you have to live

Like a taste
of something
you can’t quite

(D. James)

You can’t go there

All this time spent
looking for light
in the darkness

Groping, stumbling
looking for something
in nothing

Trying so hard to
find a meaning

Yet denying
true substance

Go back
Go back
Go back

To where you know
to what you were

But you can’t
because that doesn’t
exist any longer

Perhaps it
never did

(D. James)

Cheap Valentine

My love
take this flower
especially written for you

It doesn’t need water
and it will never lose its petals

you can give it any color you want
fragrance thorns anything

and if I should die before you
you can choose to burn it
erase it crumple it

or simply put in on
your refrigerator door
under a heart-shaped magnet



Each day
new questions

Are we here
simply to ask

Do they have
definitive answers?

“When will
I die?”

“How should
I live?”

“Why is Hell
easier to find
than Heaven?”

Will these questions
drive us or
drive us crazy?

“Could you even
call this a poem?”

Should this be
the end or
have I already
gone too far?

(D. James)

Tips not included

In this restaurant
no one ever leaves the table
The glasses are always half-full
and the food randomly prepared
Everyone’s a waiter
yet everyone is served
This restaurant never closes
and nobody can remember
when it first opened

No one knows if it’s heaven
or if it’s hell
but it certainly is
the center
of every conversation