The Sweet Taste of Self-Pity

Who got my self-confidence?
I walk around nervous
and afraid
Wondering, who got my self-confidence?

Whatever was alllotted me was misplaced
or simply walked away

I look around at this one and that
Maybe he got it, or she
shit, somebody must have got more than me

Check your pockets
dig deep and tell me if you’ve got any, really

Because I’m curious
was I short changed, or do we all feel this way?

I used to get mine out of a bottle

Now I don’t know

Maybe I never had any

Who got my self-confidence?
or his?
or hers?

Who got my self-confidence?
or yours?
or anybodys?

Maybe I’ll ask on the subway

“Excuse me, does anybody have some self-confidence to spare?”

“Excuse me, has anyone seen my self-confidence today?”

D. James